Antimicrobial Protection

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Permanent disinfection

A big step for biosecurity

Eliminates microorganisms

QLayer Technology is based on a natural process, where a coating agent, containing natural semiconductors, is activated by special visible light energy from PureLight lamps, thus creating a Red-ox reaction.

When this coating is applied on surfaces, it results on the elimination of all microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts...)

Authorized by the Spanish & European Health Authorities

The QLayer range of products are surface disinfectants authorized by the Ministry of Health (Groups TP2, TP3 and TP4), with certified VIRUCIDAL and BACTERICIDAL efficacy according ISO 27447: 2009 standard.

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Q-LAYER, la única solución que consigue resultados permanentes

Investigación y desarrollo

Q-LAYER transforma los contaminantes y compuestos nocivos en yeso (CaSO4), nitrato de calcio (Ca(NO3)2) y carbonato de calcio (CaCO3), que son completamente seguros para la salud y el medio ambiente.


Soluciones minerales con base agua con propiedades antimicrobianas y de descontaminación ambiental de alta eficacia.

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