Food Processing Plants

In a recent study, the EU has concluded that African Swine Fever and other diseases that affect food animals have spread more rapidly in industrial plants where there is a bigger concentration of animals and where there is a constant entry and exit of external elements like people, transport vehicles…

With the continuing threat of ASF and other diseases, slaughterhouses are one of the critical points in the food production chain. If these threats are not controlled by strict biosafety policies, they can be a problem for industry and health.

As professionals in the food industry, we must pay attention to disinfection, not only in cutting areas (which are constantly disinfected), but also in in common areas and traffic areas, corners, warehouses and ventilation conducts. Every corner is important in biosecurity.

As the QLayer System achieves permanent disinfection for months, it is the most suitable solution for the treatment of all these areas, which, although they are not in direct contact with the meat, can be centres of infections and transmission vectors. It must be taken into account that certain microorganisms (for example, fungi) grow on hidden surfaces, but are transmitted through the air.

Main vectors of transmission in food processing plants

  • Vectors NOT related to animals:
    • Transportation of supplies, waste management…
    • Flow of internal or external personnel.
    • Facilities: Loading docks, ventilation areas, waste management areas…
  • Animal Related Vectors:
    • Live animals
    • Carcasses and meat
    • Animal remains

Benefits Offered by the Qlayer System

  • Permanent disinfection of all surfaces.
  • Odour removal
  • Reduction of biosecurity risks.

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