Our technology

Through the development and evolution of a natural process, where mineral semiconductors are activated when they receive the energy from our lights (or sunlight), a reaction is generated capable of permanently disinfecting any surface, and destroying the toxic gases in its environment.

Qlayer System

The QLayer System is a treatment that allows PERMANENT DISINFECTION through a single product application and is the result of combining the application of PureLayer+ with the action of our PureLight lamps. Through the QLayer System we manage to keep animal farms totally disinfected throughout the life cycle of the animals.

PureTruck Sistem

The PureTruck System is intended for permanent disinfection in animal transport vehicles. The system is made up of a treatment for the interior of the vehicles, combined with the specific PureLight lights, and a treatment for the exterior, which does not require lights, thus ensuring the asepsis of the vehicles, and avoiding the risk of disease transmission.

The PureTruck System manages to reduce the time spent disinfecting the vehicle by more than 50% and does not limit its mobility.


PureLight are the complement of the QLayer System and the PureTruck System.
The Purelights are the result of technological research and development engineering by our technical department.
They constitute the necessary complement that guarantees the excellent results of the QLayer System and the PureTruck System. All types of PureLight are made from lightweight aluminum and are manufactured using LED technology of the highest quality and durability.

We have three types of PureLight:

  • PureLight XC 005, intended for laying areas in laying hens (PureLayer System)
  • PureLight 10.1, to be combined with the PureTruck System.
  • PureLight 48.1, to be combined with the PureLayer System.


NutriToy is a set of Interactive Nutritional Supplements

Under the name NutriToy we have developed a line of interactive toys, made from nutritional supplements, so that animals have elements that promote their mobility, their well-being, and that encourage interaction. At the same time providing nutritional supplements necessary for its development.

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