Animal Welfare

The concept of animal welfare is multidimensional and includes three fundamental pillars:

  • The proper functioning of the body (which, among other things, means that the animals are healthy and well fed).
  • The emotional state of the animal (including the absence of negative emotions such as pain and chronic fear)
  • The possibility of expressing some normal behaviors typical of the species.
We influence each and every one of these three pillars and try to answer these questions:
Not only taking into account the space they have but in what conditions this space is. The QLayer System reduces odours and irritating and polluting gases that accumulate inside farms, reducing the irritability of animals and improving their well-being. Our NutriToy product line provides the necessary stimuli for animals to enjoy their environment.
By controlling the environment and making sure that it is properly disinfected and free of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms, we achieve an optimal health status

With our Naturelax line of interactive nutritional toys, we not only provide food supplements to the animals’ diet but also entertain them with games that stimulate their minds and allow them to develop the typical behaviours of the species, positively influencing their emotional well-being.

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