Air Quality

The QLayer System is the ultimate solution for ammonia (NH3) removal on farms. The QLayer System is capable of reducing ammonia concentration by more than 85%

In addition, the QLayer System eliminates other toxic gases from the air, methane (CH4), Sulfur Oxides, and in general, the gases that cause odors, allowing animals and people to breathe a much cleaner air, and in adition to protect the environment.

With this we achieve a significant improvement in biosecurity, animal welfare and an increase in the productivity of livestock farms, protecting the health of farmers.

In its articles 10 and 11, Royal Decree 306/2020 of February 11, and European Directive 2016/2284 on emission reduction, require an immediate reduction in ammonia emissions, as well as the registration of the best available techniques that have been used to achieve this reduction. Both articles are in force from January 1, 2022.

From January 2022, the farms must carry out an exhaustive control in order to not exceed the maximum levels of ammonia established (20ppm).
The effects of ammonia at levels above 20 ppm can have irritating effects on mucous membranes and cause respiratory, digestive, eye, and skin diseases, and also cause a decrease in the productivity of livestock farms.

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